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Firefox 4 4.0

__--*** The First Rank__--***
The Firefox browser is created by Mozilla,
a non-profit organization whose mission is
to promote openness, innovation and
opportunity on the Web.
Made to make the Web a better
place. Bringing together all kinds of
awesomeness to make browsing better
for you. The Firefox browser is created by Mozilla,
a non-profit organization whose mission is
to promote openness, innovation and
opportunity on the Web. What is Firefox? We’re a global community of thousands who sincerely believe in the
power of technology to enrich people’s lives. We’re a public benefit organization dedicated not to making money but to
improving the way people everywhere
experience the Internet. And we’re an open source software project
whose code has been used as a platform
for some of the Internet’s most innovative projects. Features: Awesome Bar Get to your favorite sites quickly – even if you don’t remember the URLs. Type your term into the location bar (aka the
Awesome Bar) and the autocomplete
function will include possible matches
from your browsing history, bookmarked
sites and open tabs. The Awesome Bar learns as you use it— over time, it adapts to your preferences
and offers better-fitting matches. We’ve tweaked it to give you greater control
over the results (including privacy
settings) and increased performance so
you find what you need even faster. Improved Interface We’re always looking for ways to make your browsing easier and more efficient.
Read on for our latest improvements Tabs on Top
Tabs are above the Awesome Bar to
make it easier to focus on the content of
the sites you visit. Firefox Button (Windows and Linux)
All your menu items are now found in a
single button for easy access. Bookmark Button
Manage your bookmarks in a single
button. Find your favorite links without
getting bogged down! Simplified Reload/Stop Button
Your Awesome Bar now features one
easy button to stop loading pages or
reload pages. Home Button
The Home button has been moved to
the right side of the search-field. Tabs Browse multiple sites at once, simply and
easily. Each new site appears as a new
(not a new window) and can be
accessed in one click. App Tabs
Take sites you always keep open—like Web mail—off your tab bar and give them a permanent home in your
browser. Switch-to-Tab
As you’re opening a new tab or typing in the Awesome Bar, Firefox will check to
see if you already have that site open. If
you do, you’ll be directed to the existing tab so you don’t open a duplicate. Organize your Tabs with Panorama
Too many tabs? Reclaim your browser
from tab clutter! Panorama lets you drag
and drop your tabs into manageable
groups that you can organize, name and
arrange in a fun and visual way. To get started with Panorama, simply select the
Tab Groups icon when you customize
your Navigation Toolbar or right click any
tab to Move to Group. Reopen Closed Tabs and Windows
If you accidentally close a tab or window,
you can reopen it in one click. Just view
Recently Closed Tabs or Recently Closed
Windows in the History menu and select
the tab or window you’d like to reopen. Smooth Scrolling
Like to have all 20 of your favorite pages
open at once? An elegant new feature
lets you scroll through tabs easily to see
them all and access the one you want
quickly. Stay in Sync Sync seamlessly connects your desktop
and mobile Firefoxes, so you can access
your browsing history, passwords,
bookmarks and even open tabs no
matter which device you use. Access
years of desktop browsing the first day you fire up your mobile, and use saved
passwords from your desktop to fill out
forms on your phone. Now you can surf the Web on your
desktop, get up in the middle of
browsing and have your open tabs ready
and waiting on your mobile, just as you
left them. Your browsing will never be
the same! Firefox 4 4.0 download tags firefox firefox 4 internet explorer mozilla mozilla explorer mozilla firefox Firefox 4 4.0 Windows 7 release notes New Release
* Blacklisted a few invalid HTTPS
* Updated localizations for 29 locales
* Added Vietnamese localization, bringing
the total languages available in Firefox 4 to 83
[ Firefox 4 release history ] Firefox 4 4.0 Windows 7 requirements Mac OS X 10.4 and later; Linux - GTK+
2.10 or higher, GLib 2.12 or higher,
Pango 1.14 or higher, X.Org 1.0 or
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Google Chrome

Second Rank-Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. It was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on 2 September 2008, and the public stable release was on 11
December 2008. The name is derived
from the graphical user interface frame, or "chrome", of web browsers. As of
January 2011, Chrome was the third
most widely used browser, and passed
the 10% worldwide usage share of web browsers, according to Net Applications. [1] In September 2008, Google released a
large portion of Chrome's source code,
including its V8 JavaScript engine, as an open source project entitled Chromium. [2][3] This move enabled third-party developers to study the underlying
source code and to help convert the
browser to the Mac OS X and Linux
operating systems. Google also expressed
hope that other browsers would adopt
V8 to improve web application performance.[4] The Google-authored portion of Chromium is released under the permissive BSD license,[5] which allows portions to be incorporated into
both open source and closed source software programs.[6] Other portions of the source code are subject to a variety of open source licenses.[7] Chromium implements the same feature set as
Chrome, but lacks built-in automatic
updates and Google branding, and most
noticeably has a blue-colored logo in place of the multicolored Google logo.[8] History For six years, Google's Chief Executive Eric Schmidt was against the idea of building an independent web browser.
He stated that "At the time, Google was
a small company", and he did not want
to go through "bruising browser wars".
However, after co-founders Sergey Brin
and Larry Page hired several Mozilla Firefox developers and built a demonstration of Chrome, Mr. Schmidt
admitted that "It was so good that it
essentially forced me to change my mind".[9] Announcement The release announcement was originally
scheduled for 3 September 2008, and a
comic by Scott McCloud was to be sent to journalists and bloggers explaining the
features of and motivations for the new browser.[10] Copies intended for Europe were shipped early and German blogger Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped [11] made a scanned copy of the 38- page comic available on his website after receiving it on 1 September 2008.[12] Google subsequently made the comic available on Google Books[13] and mentioned it on their official blog along
with an explanation for the early release.
The browser was first publicly released
for Microsoft Windows (XP and later
versions only) on 2 September 2008 in
43 languages, officially a beta version. [15] Chrome quickly gained about 1% market share despite being only available for Microsoft Windows.[14][16][17][18] After the initial surge, usage share
dropped until it hit a low of 0.69% in
October 2008. It then started rising
again and by December 2008, Chrome again passed the 1% threshold.[19] In early January 2009, CNET reported that Google planned to release versions
of Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux in the first half of the year.[20] The first official Chrome Mac OS X and Linux developer previews[21] were announced on 4 June 2009 with a blog post[22] saying they were missing many features and were
intended for early feedback rather than
general use. In December 2009, Google released beta
versions of Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux.
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Internet Explorer 9 9.0.8112 Final

Third Rank-The improvements to Internet Explorer
are as much about what you don't see
as what you do see. Internet Explorer 9 has a streamlined design, fewer dialog boxes to click through, more intuitive
navigation, and many new features that
speed up your web browsing experience.
Windows Internet Explorer 9 has a
streamlined look and many new features
that speed up your web browsing
Use the new browser controls The first thing you'll notice when you
open Internet Explorer 9 is the simplified
design. You can find most command bar
functions, like Print or Zoom, when you
click the Tools button Picture of the
Tools button, and your favorites and feeds appear when you click the
Favorites button Picture of the Favorites
button. Why Internet Explorer 9 is the best
browser for Windows. 9 reasons to get Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer 9 provides the best
web experience for Windows. Here are
the top reasons why you should get it
today. 1It's all-around fast — hardware- accelerated text, video, and graphics
speed up performance and make
websites perform like programs that are
installed on your computer. 2Streamlined and simplified design — gives you the basic controls you need
and puts the focus on your websites. 3One-click access to your favorite sites — with Pinned Sites, you can get to your
favorite sites directly from the Windows
taskbar without having to open your
browser first. 4A combined search and Address bar — one place to either navigate to a website
or start a search. 5Redesigned New Tab page — now you have quick access to the sites you visit
most often, and you can also reopen
closed tabs or your last browsing session,
or start an InPrivate Browsing session. 6Integration with Windows 7 — with Snap, Pinned Sites, Jump Lists, and
thumbnail preview controls, Internet
Explorer 9 and Windows 7 bring you the
best web experience for Windows. 7Improved add-on management — Add- on Performance Advisor tells you if an
add-on is slowing down your browser and
allows you to disable or remove it,
helping ensure that your browser stays
fast over time. 8Helps control your privacy — Tracking Protection enables you to limit the
browser's communication with certain
websites to help keep your information
private. 9Keeps your downloads in order — Download Manager keeps a running list of
the files you download from the
Internet, notifies you if a file could be
malicious, and allows you to pause and
restart a download. Features: Hardware-accelerated text, video, and
· The new graphic capabilities and
improved performance in Internet
Explorer 9 set the stage for immersive
and rich experiences. New Tab page:
· Internet Explorer 9 surfaces the
websites you love most and puts them
one click away. Once you're in the
browser, the New Tab page helps get
you started browsing quickly, providing meaningful suggestions and information
to help you decide what to do next as
you browse. Notification Bar:
· Notifications in Internet Explorer 9 allow
for more fluid and faster browsing.
Instead of dialog boxes popping up
unexpectedly and getting in your way, all
notification messages are consolidated in the Notification Bar, located at the
bottom of the browser frame. Pinned Sites:
· With Pinned Sites, you can get to your
favorite sites directly from the Windows
taskbar—without having to open Internet Explorer first. Tear-off tabs:
· Tear-off tabs make interacting with
multiple sites fast and intuitive. You can
rearrange tabs within Internet Explorer 9
—just like you can rearrange icons in the taskbar in Windows 7—or you can open any tab in a new browser window by
dragging that tab to your desktop. Focused on your websites:
· Designed based on what you use most,
the navigational controls in Internet
Explorer 9 are streamlined and simplified.
The back button is larger, the address
bar and search box are combined into one new address bar, and the multiple
menus from previous versions of Internet
Explorer are consolidated into a single
New Release
Platform Preview 7 showcases
performance enhancements made to the
Chakra engine. Furthermore, Canvas pixel
array manipulation has been optimized for
better performance in this release. [ Internet Explorer 9 release history ] Internet Explorer 9 9.0.8112 Final
Windows 7 requirements Windows 7 (x86 or x64) or Windows
Vista SP2 (x86 or x64).
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Opera 11 11.01 1190

Fourth Rank-Opera Software debuted the newest
version of its award-winning browser
today. Opera 11 combines elegant design, smart updates to some of our
most popular features and new ways to
customize Opera to your preferences.

Newest Opera browser features tab
stacking, extensions, visual mouse
gestures Opera Software debuted the newest
version of its award-winning browser
today. Opera 11 combines elegant
design, smart updates to some of our
most popular features and new ways to
customize Opera to your preferences. Lightning fast
Make your web browsing faster.
Everything from loading webpages to
opening tabs is optimized to happen
almost instantly. You can even speed up
browsing on slow connections, with Opera Turbo. Safe and secure
Reduce your exposure to threats on the
Web. Your safety is ensured by industry-
leading security, Fraud and Malware
Protection and an address field that
clearly shows your security level. Powerful features
Use great features that make common
browsing tasks faster and easier. Opera
has more features built-in than any other
browser. You can also add new
functionality with extensions. Opera features: Personalize Customize your browser
You can add, remove or reposition
buttons and toolbars or change the
entire layout of the browser. It is easy to
do… or undo. Access bookmarks instantly
The convenient bookmarks bar keeps
commonly visited sites and bookmark
folders in front of you at all times,
allowing instant access. You can enable
this toolbar by selecting Opera menu -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Bar. Choose your look and layout
Opera's vibrant user community has
created many beautiful skins and setups
for you to try, so you can have a
customized look for your browser. Create your own shortcuts
Opera offers many ways to perform
browser actions, and you can also
customize your own keyboard shortcuts,
mouse gestures and more. Tabs Look inside tabs
When you hover the mouse pointer over
a tab, a preview shows you the content
of that page. When you stack tabs,
hovering over a stack also shows a
preview of the tabs within, and you may select the tab you want to use. Re-open tabs you closed
With Closed Tabs, you can open tabs
that you accidentally closed or website
pop-ups that Opera blocked. Protect a tab from closing
By right-clicking a tab, you can pin it to
prevent it from being closed by accident.
Pinned tabs take up minimal space and
are automatically moved to the left of
other tabs to make them easy to find. Get a better view of tabs
Visual tabs show a small thumbnail for
each website, in addition to the page
title and icon. You can drag the tab bar
to the desired height to adjust the
thumbnail size accordingly. Save sets of tabs
You can save your open tabs as a
quot;sessionquot; and load it later on to
open these same pages. You can have
multiple sessions and load each one
based on what you are doing at a certain time. Productivity Stay in control of downloads
Download files more quickly. As soon as
you click a file to save it, Opera starts
downloading it, so there is no wasted
time. Pause and resume downloads with
the push of a button, and choose multiple files to download simultaneously. Keep your spelling in check
The spell checker in Opera shows a red
line under misspelled words anywhere
you can enter text on a webpage.
Corrections can be chosen by right-
clicking the misspelled word. Eliminate distractions
You can block images, pop-ups and plug-
ins that you do not want to see. Right-
click a page, choose quot;Block
Contentquot; and click annoying
elements to disable them selectively. In Opera, smart pop-up blocking is turned
on by default. Use convenient widget apps
Many Opera Widgets are available to
provide handy functions such as showing
the weather, quickly looking up
information or providing entertainment
and games. Opera Widgets now run directly on the desktop, so they keep
running even if you close your browser.
New Release
· Web specifications
· Support for window.DOMStringList
object of the W3C DOM3 DOMStringList
Interface · User interface
Improved :
· Translation updates added throughout
the UI
Fixed :
· Various mouse gesture sensitivity and recognition issues
· Crashes occurring with Opera Dragonfly
reload, file download, extension
autoupdate, search suggestions
· Crash occurring when clicking a link
twice · An issue with feed preview
Opera installer fixes:
· Crash when installing or uninstalling
· No File Lock window on upgrade when
Opera is running on Windows 2000 · Several processes when upgrading on a
limited Windows Vista/7 account
· Opera creating a file called desktop.ini
and places it on the desktop
· Switching languages in the installer
does not changing the language in the help tooltip
· Error code 76 occurring if the MSI
uninstallation fails to find the source
· Crash occuring when closing a tab
· Crash occuring when opening a downloaded file.
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Maxthon 3.0

Fifth Rank-Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed browser built for all users. Besides basic browsing functionality, Maxthon Browser provides a rich set of features to improve your surfing experience. It can open multiple Web pages in just one window. And it only takes a little system resources when surfing with the integrated user interface. It also supports special plug-ins and IE extensions to let you have an enjoyable surfing experience. Maxthon 3 features include Super Drag&Drop, autoscroll, mouse gestures, form autofilling, AD hunter, plug-ins support, online favorites, external tools, customizable skins, and an autohide panel. Here are some key features of "Maxthon 3": · Online Favorites Service: Access your Favorites content anywhere with Maxthon Online Favorites Service. The encrypted stand-alone Favorites file format can protect your privacy on a shared computer.
· Tabbed Browsing: All the web pages are arranged as tabs inside main window to ease your navigation.
· Mouse Gestures:Hold right mouse button and perform the gestures to access common features such as Back, Forward, Refresh and Close Tab.
· Super Drag&Drop: Type the keywords in Address Bar then press Enter to perform a search. Or simply drag & drop a
keyword with your mouse.
· Ad Hunter: Ad Hunter can efficiently clean up the web pages by stopping Popup Windows and removing Ad Content Blocks.
· Fully Customizable: Plugins. Skins. Filter Packs. Multi-language Requirements: · 800MHz CPU
· 512MB RAM
· 64MB Free Hard Disk Space
· Microsoft Internet Explorer What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] Additions:
Main Framework: · added customize UI
· added Navigation (URL Short Key & URL Alias)
· added IE9 standard render mode in Retro Mode(available after install IE9)
· enhanced Resource Sniffer, can download images andmedias on webpage
· enhanced Data Import/Export, can export Favorite toIE Favorite: · added Compact Mode for Favorite Bar
· added Option for Multi-column Display Mode Skins: · added Maxthon 2 skin
· added IE6 skin Download Mgr: · added support for 3rd party downloaders Options: · added Cache Location in Advanced options (RestartRequired)
· added Web Page Font in Advanced options (RestartRequired) Improvements:
Favorites: · added overwrite confirmation when adding new
· optimized Fav Mgr performance Magic Fill: · added delete for Multi-identity dropdown menu Fixes:
Main Framework: · fixed some crashes
· fixed problem that cannot type in Address Barsometimes
· fixed problem that Maxthon 3 cannot be called upafter Tray Icon disappears under certain situations.

Safari 5.0.4

Sixth Rank-Safari The first browser to deliver the “real” Internet to a mobile device, Safari renders pages on iPad, iPhone, and iPod
touch just as you see them on your
computer. But this is more than just a
scaled-down mobile version of the
original. It takes advantage of the
technologies built into these Multi-Touch devices. The page shifts and reformats
to fill the window when you turn your
device on its side. Safari 5.0.4 full details Add a review Send to a friend Report broken link Report malware / spam Safari - Windows 7 Download awards Safari 5.0.4 full description It renders web pages at lightning speed.
It works on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch,
Mac, and PC. It shows you your favorite
sites at a glance. And it’s so smart, it even checks your spelling and grammar.
Meet Safari, a browser unlike any you’ve ever seen. A more elegant browser. By design. Before Safari, browsers were an
afterthought. Something you put up
with if you wanted to surf the Internet.
One browser looked and felt just like
another, so you chose the one that
worked the best and crashed the least. They were ugly, cluttered affairs, whose
interfaces competed for your attention
and made browsing — the very purpose for which they were created — more difficult. Safari is designed to emphasize the
browsing, not the browser. The browser
frame is a single pixel wide. You see a
scroll bar only when needed. And if you
choose, you can hide almost the entire
interface, removing virtually every distraction from the browser window. A
great browser should get out of your
way and let you simply enjoy the web.
Safari does just that. And it does it
regardless of platform. The first browser to deliver the “real” Internet to a mobile device, Safari
renders pages on iPad, iPhone, and iPod
touch just as you see them on your
computer. But this is more than just a
scaled-down mobile version of the
original. It takes advantage of the technologies built into these Multi-Touch
devices. The page shifts and reformats
to fill the window when you turn your
device on its side. You zoom in just by
pinching and extending your fingers. Of
course, no matter how you access it, Safari is always blazing fast and easy to
use. Sfari Features: Accessibility VoiceOver Screen Reader
Safari features built-in support for Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader in Mac OS X.
VoiceOver describes aloud what appears
on your screen and reads the text and
links of websites. Using VoiceOver, you
can completely control the computer
with the keyboard instead of the mouse. Full-Page Zoom
Zoom in or out on web content using
keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch
gestures, or the Zoom toolbar button for
more comfortable reading. Images and
graphics scale up while your text remains razor sharp, keeping the web page
layout consistent as you zoom. To add
the Zoom button to your toolbar, simply
choose Customize toolbar from the View
menu and drag the button onto your
toolbar. Advanced Web Technologies Next-Generation Standards Support
Safari continues to lead the way,
implementing the latest innovative web
standards and enabling next-generation
Internet experiences. With support for
HTML5 media tags, CSS animation, and CSS effects, web designers can create
rich, interactive web applications using
natively supported web standards. A
standards-compliant browser, Safari
renders current and future web
applications as they were meant to be seen. Faster Nitro Engine
The Nitro JavaScript engine is an
advanced bytecode JavaScript engine
that makes web browsing even faster,
and it’s what powers Safari. Enhancements to the Nitro JavaScript
engine in Safari 5 let you experience web
browsing at greater speeds than before.
Safari 5 on the Mac runs JavaScript up to
30 percent faster than Safari 4. Bookmarks Bookmarks Library
Safari provides an iTunes-style interface
you can use to view, create, and
organize your bookmarks. The bookmarks
library is organized into collections
(folders) of custom bookmarks, your browsing history, Address Book links,
Bonjour connections, and RSS feeds. To
access the library, click the open-book
icon on the left side of the bookmarks
bar. Cover Flow
Using Cover Flow, you can flip through
websites as easily as you flip through
album art in iTunes. Cover Flow displays
your bookmarks and history as large
graphical previews, so you can pick out a website instantly.
New Release
Closed Captions for HTML5 Video - NEW
Safari can now deliver an accessible video
experience. If a video embedded in a
web page using the HTML5

Flock Browser

Seventh Rank-Flock
browser is
from Mozilla Firefox core, but designed to offer full support for Web 2.0. This browser offers to it’s users full support for social networking and other few Web 2.0 capabilities. Latest version of Flock Browser was launched in May 2009 and was called 2.5 version. Flock browser is a free software and can be used as web browser on the Windows Operating System Machines, on Linux OS computers and Apple Mac OS X and Leopard. Flock is distributed under GPL license for all users. We tested for this review the latest version of Flock and we found it offers good features. The browser is focused directly to Social Media phenomenon and media services with Web 2.0 connections. It has in default configuration all the popular internet media services already integrated in the menu. The browser is well designed and stable. In the menu you can find links directly to the best Social Media websites of the moment: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger and so on. If you’re addicted to Web 2.0 revolution you must try this free browser software. In Flock you will have integrated all the instruments necessary to navigate on the
internet in good conditions and focused directly to your preferred social media websites. If you are logged in any Social Media website, Flock will be able to offer you info about the changes from your buddies profiles, directly in the browser menu. However, latest version of Flock it was adapted for the Twitter changes. This internet browser is capable to make searches directly in the latest Twitter messages. Another good feature of Flock browser is the capability to chat in some social media websites, directly from the browser menu. Other features of Flock browser are: - good capability of sharing – the user is able to share different files directly from the Flock’s interface. If you are a frequent user and change very often files
with other users, Flock is a good choice for you; - included RSS Reader directly in the browser menu – it makes easy to be always connected to the latest RSS news. The browser’s reader is able to display Medis RSS, Atom and usual RSS feeds; - very good adaptability to almost all Firefox plugins, free extension and addons available online for free download. - you can find a lot of themes for Flock, available online; - a good integrated blog reader and editor. This is very useful for all bloggers because it’s offer very good text formating capabilities and is easy to use; - the security of Flock is relatively good, because is made from the big brother’s Firefox. Flock browser can be downloaded for free directly from producer’s page. You can install and test this browser without any risk. If you like it you can keep it at enjoy the web navigation with Flock.

Avant browser

Eighth Rank-Avant Browser is an ultra-fast web
browser. Its user-friendly interface
brings a new level of clarity and
efficiency to your browsing
experience, and frequent upgrades
have steadily improved its reliability. No ADs, No Malwares! Avant Browser is a freeware. 100% Free!
No Ads, No Virus, No Spyware, No
Malwares! Absolutly with no hidden cost
to you ever. Multi-Processing Multi-Processing design offers you a
crash-free internet browsing experience
and high reliability. When one tab fails, it
won't freeze the browser or pull other
pages down. Private Browsing Designed to set in a Private Mode, Avant
Browser does not keep web data in your
computer. So anybody else sharing the
same computer with you will not be able
to see which sites and which pages you
have visited and which files you have displayed during your private web
browsing section. Anti-Freezing The increasing usage of Ajax Technology
in websites causes frequent freezing or
crashes for most browsers. Avant
Browser has developed a new
technology to solve this problem, makes
your surfing more fluent. Fast, Low CPU usage New dynamic multi-processing
technology can effectively boost the
browsing speed, save memory and
reduce CPU usage significantly. Bring you
fresh new experience. No Memory Leak As Ajax techniques become more
popular, memory leak problem
extensively exists in most browsers.
Avant Browser new technology will
release all occupied memory after a tab is
closed. Web Form Auto-Filler Forgot a web password? It won’t happen anymore, Avant Browser will
memorize passwords for you. You can fill
web forms with Auto-Filler by a single
click. And you can protect all your web
forms with one master password. Online Bookmarks Access your Bookmarks with Avant
Online Bookmarks Service from
anywhere, office, home or an Internet
cafe, and don't need to worry about
losing those data when re-install
windows.. The encrypted stand-alone bookmarks file format can protect your
privacy on a shared computer. Mouse Gestures Got a big screen and tired of accurate
clicks? With Mouse Gesture feature, you
can control Avant Browser by “drawing” the command on the screen. AD/Popup Blocker AD/Popup Blocker can efficiently clean up
the web pages by blocking Popup pages
and filter Ad Content. You can block any
annoy content by adding to the filter
with the "Add to AD Black list" command
in the Right-click Menu. Real Full Screen Mode and
Alternative Full Desktop Mode When you enable Full Screen Mode, all
you see is the webspace, with no
toolbars or other clutter. They are simply
autohidden! Move your mouse over the
top or bottom and find the toolbar and
tab bar respectively. Avant Browser also provides Full Desktop Mode, which is the
same as Full screen mode, but differs in
that your windows task bar stays visible. Flash Animation Filter Experiencing slow page loading with
GPRS/3G connection? More than 85% of
all flash animations on web pages are
advertising. These flash files are pretty
large, and normally take up to 90% of
the size of the page you're visiting. With Avant Browser you can save the
bandwidth by blocking the download of
these flash files with just one easy click.
Avant Browser also provides many
options to block downloads of pictures,
videos, sounds and ActiveX components. With these options users can control
their bandwidth and speed up page
loading. RSS Reader With Avant Browser, you can easily
switch RSS view in Outlook headline
mode or full-expended mode. You can
also choose to be informed whenever
there is an update to the RSS. Multi-Document Interface Wonder how to browse multiple web
sites on your giant monitor? Avant’s unique MDI Interface makes this a dream
come true!

Deepnet Explorer

Ninth Rank-Deepnet
browser with just few non very powerful features. This
internet browser is produced by Deepnet
Security and is a freeware web navigator.
We tested this software for our review and we are not impressed at all. We consider this browser a weak alternative to our top ranked browsers. Deepnet Explorer Features This browser does not have very much features and it’s capabilities are still not powerful. However, Deepnet Explorer features includes page zoom capabilities, saving of tabs and different plugins ready to use for different purposes. The browser includes a saving password manager and automatic spell checking. Security and ease of use Deepnet Explorer is not very intuitive comparing with our top ranking internet browsers. The Deepnet Interface is easy to customize but we found some bugs at
this chapter. Each tab it has it’s own security button and we found this thing very useful. At the security chapter, Deepnet Explorer includes antiphishing module and a good pop up blocker. However, this browser is not very strong because does not includes antivirus and antispyware protection. Compatibility and speed Deepnet Explorer is compatible with all tested Operating Systems and doesn’t put any stability problems. The navigation
speed is medium comparing with our top ranking browsers. Online support and conclusions of review You can find information and data about this browser from it’s help menu. Deepnet Security, the producer offers good support and you can count on it to find the reason of your questions. We tested this browser and we consider this software a weak alternative to our top three internet browsers. However, you can download for free this browser, directly from producer’s webpage, for free. After installation you can decide if this browser is good for your computer.