Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deepnet Explorer

Ninth Rank-Deepnet
browser with just few non very powerful features. This
internet browser is produced by Deepnet
Security and is a freeware web navigator.
We tested this software for our review and we are not impressed at all. We consider this browser a weak alternative to our top ranked browsers. Deepnet Explorer Features This browser does not have very much features and it’s capabilities are still not powerful. However, Deepnet Explorer features includes page zoom capabilities, saving of tabs and different plugins ready to use for different purposes. The browser includes a saving password manager and automatic spell checking. Security and ease of use Deepnet Explorer is not very intuitive comparing with our top ranking internet browsers. The Deepnet Interface is easy to customize but we found some bugs at
this chapter. Each tab it has it’s own security button and we found this thing very useful. At the security chapter, Deepnet Explorer includes antiphishing module and a good pop up blocker. However, this browser is not very strong because does not includes antivirus and antispyware protection. Compatibility and speed Deepnet Explorer is compatible with all tested Operating Systems and doesn’t put any stability problems. The navigation
speed is medium comparing with our top ranking browsers. Online support and conclusions of review You can find information and data about this browser from it’s help menu. Deepnet Security, the producer offers good support and you can count on it to find the reason of your questions. We tested this browser and we consider this software a weak alternative to our top three internet browsers. However, you can download for free this browser, directly from producer’s webpage, for free. After installation you can decide if this browser is good for your computer.

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