Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phase out

Tenth Rank- Phase Out 5 version is just a flash coat used to cover Internet
core. The look of Phase Out is very nice but the browser doesn’t have anything new at the features chapter. If you are addicted to futuristic and nice look and the capabilities doesn’t matter too much, you can try latest version of Phase Out browser. Phase Out Features This internet browser it has just few basic features included in the installation default package. Some essential features are absent from this browser capabilities. Phase Out doesn’t have feeds reader capabilities, a password manager or a parental control module. Comparing with our top ranking browsers, Phase Out needs many improvements to be competitive. Security and ease of use Phase Out is able to block phishing sites and it’s have included other few security modules. You can delete and clean the browser’s history with just few clicks, like on Internet Explorer menu. Phase Out looks very promising at the usage chapter. It has included remote browsing capabilities but this feature seems to be a little bit unnecessary. However, this browser is easy to use and doesn’t put major problems to users. We hope that in the near future, Phase Out will be improved with more easy to use abbilities. Compatibility and Speed Because is based on Internet Explorer core, this browser is almost total compatible with Microsoft IE. Because the interface is totally changed, the browser’s speed seems to be slow and with long responsive times. We tested Phase Out on four computers and we found the speed very slow comparing with our top ranked browsers. Online Support and conclusions of the review If you want to know different things about Phase Out capabilities you should prepare with patience because the development team offer limited info’s about it. It’s difficult to find a good quantity of data or a help file for this browser and we don’t like very much at this chapter. We tested ten browsers for our review and we find this version of Phase Out to be very weak, comparing with the rest of tested browsers. However, you can download for free the browser (from producer’s page) and test on your own computer to see if Phase Out is enough powerful for your computer.

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