Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flock Browser

Seventh Rank-Flock
browser is
from Mozilla Firefox core, but designed to offer full support for Web 2.0. This browser offers to it’s users full support for social networking and other few Web 2.0 capabilities. Latest version of Flock Browser was launched in May 2009 and was called 2.5 version. Flock browser is a free software and can be used as web browser on the Windows Operating System Machines, on Linux OS computers and Apple Mac OS X and Leopard. Flock is distributed under GPL license for all users. We tested for this review the latest version of Flock and we found it offers good features. The browser is focused directly to Social Media phenomenon and media services with Web 2.0 connections. It has in default configuration all the popular internet media services already integrated in the menu. The browser is well designed and stable. In the menu you can find links directly to the best Social Media websites of the moment: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger and so on. If you’re addicted to Web 2.0 revolution you must try this free browser software. In Flock you will have integrated all the instruments necessary to navigate on the
internet in good conditions and focused directly to your preferred social media websites. If you are logged in any Social Media website, Flock will be able to offer you info about the changes from your buddies profiles, directly in the browser menu. However, latest version of Flock it was adapted for the Twitter changes. This internet browser is capable to make searches directly in the latest Twitter messages. Another good feature of Flock browser is the capability to chat in some social media websites, directly from the browser menu. Other features of Flock browser are: - good capability of sharing – the user is able to share different files directly from the Flock’s interface. If you are a frequent user and change very often files
with other users, Flock is a good choice for you; - included RSS Reader directly in the browser menu – it makes easy to be always connected to the latest RSS news. The browser’s reader is able to display Medis RSS, Atom and usual RSS feeds; - very good adaptability to almost all Firefox plugins, free extension and addons available online for free download. - you can find a lot of themes for Flock, available online; - a good integrated blog reader and editor. This is very useful for all bloggers because it’s offer very good text formating capabilities and is easy to use; - the security of Flock is relatively good, because is made from the big brother’s Firefox. Flock browser can be downloaded for free directly from producer’s page. You can install and test this browser without any risk. If you like it you can keep it at enjoy the web navigation with Flock.

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